Art Week W/b Monday 17th June

We were in awe of the high standards of art & design work showcased at our Open Gallery on Friday 21st June; this was the culmination of an exciting week where all children learnt about local, national and worldwide architecture. We thank those parents who were able to join us and provide amazing feedback. An additional thank you to our Head Students for organising cold water during the event and to Heads of Year for ‘running’ for Mrs Walker on the Top playground!

Open Gallery Feedback:

“There’s a lot of wonderful creative work on display – what a pleasure to see lots of personalities and styles coming out in mark-making/design and sculpture! Well done everyone!”

“The Art Show was amazing! The school has some very creative pupils.”

“It’s so beautiful. Thank you for all the work you have put into these fabulous displays.”

“Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work with us. So lovely to look around it all.”

“Absolutely amazing, Great work and so imaginative. A pleasure to come and see.”

“So lovely to be able to see what the children have been doing. So much amazing talent!”

“Amazing! All of you should be very proud!”

“Fabulous! There is so much artistic talent in this school! Thank you for inspiring them.”

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