Book of the Month

Welcome to our first ‘Book of the Month’ at SPJS!

This month we have chosen ‘The Big Book of Birds’ by Yuval Zommer. Its a beautifully illustrated non-fiction book, packed full of interesting facts and ideas. For example, did you know there are over 325 types of hummingbird, each with a different mix of bright, shiny colours? Or, that a lovebird parrot will stay with its partner for its whole life?

There will be lots of fun activities in the school gallery for the children to join in with, as well as a reading circle lead by our Gallery Monitors, Adel and Florence R, where the children will learn lots of interesting facts about the different types of birds from around the world.

We have also uploaded some ideas on the website – why not have a friendly competition of who can find the most words in our word search in 60 secs? Or why not have a go at making your very own bird feeder!

'The Big Book of Birds' Word Search

Have a go at our ‘Big Book of Birds’ word search….can you find all 18?

‘Big Book of Birds’ word search

Make your own bird feeder

How to make a Bird Feeder for kids – Simple and Easy – YouTube

We would love to see what you’ve made – please email a photo to and we’ll share them at school.

Fantasy Feathers

Percy Peacock is looking very sad..he’s lost all his feathers! Did you know a male peacock has over 200 glamorous tail feathers that it shows off in a fan shape. The more impressive the display, the more likely he is to catch the eye of a female peahen. Can you design and decorate a feather for Percy? It can be hand drawn, cut out of card board, made with felt…or how about designing a feather with all of your favourite things on?

The 'Book of the Month' Art Challenge

Calling all budding artists and creative doers! Can you design and make a 3D bird or draw a picture of one? It can be any bird you choose – a penguin, a robin or why not have a go and create your own Percy Peacock! All entries will be displayed in the Gallery and on the website, and you may even earn yourself a certificate too!