Fine Class

Mrs Gordon
Welcome to Fine Class

Welcome Back to Fine class!

I am so excited to be back with you all after an exciting Christmas break. I hope you are ready to get back into our daily routines as we have some very interesting and exciting projects for you this term.

In English, we are starting our first poetry topic based on the poems of Roger McGough. We will learn to perform, analyse and write our own poems. After this, we will be writing stories linked to our Science, focusing on extending our vocabulary and practising the use of speech punctuation.

After half term, we will be writing recounts so that we can share our experiences with others. The last genre of the term will entail a lot of persuasion as we learn to create persuasive adverts and leaflets. This will include learning many new phrases and techniques eg.not just saying please!

In Maths, we continue to develop our knowledge of multiplication and division facts. It is very important for all of the children in year 4 to practise their times tables wherever possible. This will help them across all other areas of Mathematics in both year 4 and future years. All children are expected to know all of their times table facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.  We will then use this to multiply and divide using larger numbers and develop a formal written method to help us. After half term, we will be moving onto fractions and decimals.

In Geography, we will be exploring the coastal town of Lyme Regis. We will explore both the human and physical geography elements to the town and compare it with others. We will develop our use of maps, atlases and compasses to support us in our learning.

In Science, we will be exploring living things and their habitats; we will look at how habitats are changing, and the impact that climate change has on this. We will  organise and group animals and plants, based on their qualities and characteristics. After half term, we will look at our body and explore our digestive system. We will also research  information about our teeth and how to keep them healthy.

In Art, we will be continuing to develop and improve drawing skills, using a variety of media to do this eg. charcoal. We will use the artist Georgia O’Keefe to inspire us for our own pieces of art. After half term, we will be using our topics of Science and Geography to create sculptures using clay.

In Computing, out topic will be multimedia, where we aim to design and make a comic book, using stories that we will be writing in English.

After half term, we will be moving onto programming, where we will use the programme ‘Scratch’ to aid us in learning how to make, debug and loop code in order for systems to work.

In PSHE, we are continuing to follow the Jigsaw scheme of work.  Our school-wide jigsaw topic for this half term is called ‘Dreams and Goals’; children will look into their future and create plans to achieve their goals. We will also use mindfulness and circle time activities.

In RE, children will learn about Christianity this term. They will focus on Easter, Holy week and Lent and their importance to Christians around the world.

Please remember you can talk to me on the playground at the end of the day or via Class Dojo.


Mrs Gordon
Class Teacher