Walliams Class

Mr Stell
Welcome to Walliams Class

Hello and welcome back to another exciting year at SPJS! I hope you all had an incredible Summer break and are now looking forward to the new academic year ahead. We have a busy but engaging year ahead of us in Walliams Class and I cannot wait to get going!

In Maths, we will begin by looking at place value and learn how to read, write and order numbers up to one million. Then, we will look at equivalent fractions and learn how to find equivalence in unit and non- unit fractions. We will also continue to reinforce the excellent work we did last year on our instant recall of our times table and division facts up to 12.

In English, we will look closely at Maz Evan’s incredible book ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’. This text will be used for the basis of some instructional and narrative writing units this term. In our SPAG lessons, we will look at using adjectives, adverbs and expanded noun phrases to engage our reader. We will look at relative clauses and pronouns and how they add detail to our sentences. Finally, we will look at using commas correctly.

In Science, we will look at properties and changes of materials and learn how these changes often happen every day in the world around us. The children will plan some engaging investigations whilst also explaining their thinking using scientific language. As scientists, we will think about what makes a fair test and discuss the outcomes of our experiments as a class to form conclusions.

In History, we will travel back in time to study the Ancient Greek civilisation. We will look at the chronology of the Ancient Greek period and how this compares with what was going on in Britain at the same time. We will look at Ancient Greek culture, the difference between the City States and how they worshipped their gods. Our writing in English will form cross curricular links with our History work.

In Geography we will look at naming and locating towns and cities in the UK. We will then mover further afield and learn about the different countries that make up the European continent. Finally, we will look at lines of longitude and latitude and plot these on world maps alongside the tropics.

In RE, we will study what Christians believe about ‘Incarnation’ and how this concept is reflected in their daily lives. In PHSE, we will follow the Jigsaw scheme of work and start with ‘Being Me’.

In Computing, we will look at E-safety and how we can stay safe online. We will look at using basic skills within Word documents such as changing text sizes, centering, Move, resize and rotate shapes, text and pictures and use common keyboard shortcuts on laptops and PCs. We will also use Scratch to create a project.

In French, we will continue to build on our language skills and understanding of the French language, using games, songs and a variety of multimedia tools. In PE, we will learn new skills and focus on team work.

I look forward to getting to know you all over this coming year. If you have any questions or concerns at all please pop in and see me at the start or end of each school day.

My very best wishes to you all.


Mr Stell

Year 5 Class Teacher