Walliams Class

Mrs Chapple and Mrs Joslyn
Year 5 Teachers
Welcome to Walliams Class

We share information to aid life in Year 5 – our monthly snapshots aim to give you a ‘glimpse’ within our learning.

Parent Handbook: 
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PE on Monday and Tuesday (You may wear PE kit to school)

Reading: 3x week (minimum)
Spelling: Practise weekly spellings on Spelling Frame
Maths: Times Tables Rockstars

Yr 5 curriculum overview for year

Start of the day via Mrs Walker
End of the day on Playground or via office email

Monthly Snapshots


Walliams Class have come back after the Easter break with a fantastic attitude towards their work. We have begun writing our own twisted tales based on traditional tales and have had fun exploring a variety of different versions including, ‘Cinderfella’ and ‘Joe White’! We have also made a good start on our class novel, ‘Diary of a Big Bad Wolf, by Ben Miller.

In Geography this term, we are learning about volcanoes and Earthquakes. To start the topic, we have really enjoyed using coloured dough to represent the different layers of the Earth to create our own mini models.


Year 5 have been busy experimenting with materials. In Science, we have mixed vinegar and milk to create a new type of plastic called casein. We also investigated what happens when you mix bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.

In RE this month, we have been learning about Rosh Hashanah. We ate apples dipped in honey and created our own Shofar Horn.


The Spring Term is going well in Walliams Class. In Art, Year 5 have enjoyed creating their own Keith Haring inspired pieces of work using bright colours to enhance their versions of human figures or words of positivity. We have also enjoyed learning about AI during Safer Internet Day as well as developing our understanding of how to keep safe online and what to do if we come across something we are worried about.


Year 5 have been investigating materials. They have enjoyed inspecting solutions and understanding how to separate materials.

In History, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and have created some brilliant pieces of work to share our findings. We have enjoyed reading Anglo-Saxon boy in English and have really enjoyed making the historical links between the facts in the book and the facts we have discovered from other sources.