Parent Questionnaire Responses
Spring Term 2024

“We have found staff to be very supportive, understanding and professional whilst maintaining an approachable and caring stance.”

“I am very proud of my child and her education. Her teacher is the best too! Thank you!”

“We couldn’t be happier with **** progress. I honestly cannot see how the school could improve.”

“Excellent communication and excellent teaching.”

“The staff at SPJS have always shown great care and support to both of my children. Any questions or concerns I have had have always been dealt with efficiently and feedback has always been given. Parents meetings clearly show the love and dedication teachers have for each child.”

“We are really pleased with ***** progress and she loves going to school.”

“Really appreciate the time and high level of information we get.”

“**** has been so well looked after and nurtured at this school. Even though I don’t get reported back how his day has been he always comes out bubbly and with a smile.”

“I am so blown away by how supportive this school has been in the short time we have been here. My kids and me and my husband are so blessed by this school and the amazing staff who run it. So thank you.”

“**** really enjoys Junior school. She loves all of the clubs. Thank you everyone, we feel very lucky to have this school in the village.”

“Staff go above and beyond supporting and helping my child grow.”

“I’m really happy with school and his teachers! He enjoys school and learning which to us, just shows how much of a great job you do! Thank you.”