Rundell Class

Mrs Deem and Mrs Stell
Year 6 Teachers
Welcome to Rundell Class

We share information to aid life in Year 6 – our monthly snapshots aim to give you a ‘glimpse’ within our learning.

PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (You may wear PE kit to school)

Spelling: Practise weekly spellings on ‘Spelling Frame’ (Test on Friday)
Maths: Set on Tuesday and marked following Tuesday

Yr 6 Curriculum Overview for year

Start of the day via Mrs Walker
End of the day on Playground or via office email

Monthly Snapshot


Year Six have worked incredibly hard in all subjects this term.  We finished the term by creating parabolic designs – also known as Parabolic Curve line designs. The simple principle of this design is to create curved shapes from the intersection of straight lines and we experimented with many different starting shapes.  Here are some of our creations:


In Rundell class this month we have had 2 visitors from our local community.

The PCSOs from the village came to visit us to discuss online gaming, social media age ratings, anti-social behaviour and how the PCSOs help in the community.  This links in with our Jigsaw unit on keeping ourselves safe, happy and healthy.

Reverend Tracey came to talk to us about Holy Communion and what each part of the service symbolises. It was great to have her time to talk through these concepts so expertly in preparation for our trip to the church service on 13th March. Here is Apple’s record of Reverend Tracey’s visit.


Year 6 have been getting themselves in a painting muddle with Picasso! Based on our British Hero, children used their paint mixing skills to create their own Picasso version of Emmeline Pankhurst. We love the uniqueness of each of the pictures and how they have combined two famous people.