'More Able' Provision

The Quality of Education for all learners – Higher ability

Although we pride ourselves on a rich and broad curriculum for all our learners, we also identify children with special talent in specific curriculum areas. This allows ‘all pupils to consistently achieve highly’ (Ofsted Quality of Education).


The school keeps a register of children who have been identified as working above expectation for their year.


The school uses a range of evidence to obtain a full picture eg. Assessment data, day-to-day observations, outcomes.


Staff continually ensure they match day-to-day provision to need; this may be in the form of an additional challenge, a deeper enquiry or the opportunity to articulate their thinking by peer teaching.

The school also provides a range of different opportunities throughout the academic year. Activities include:

  • Public speaking opportunities eg. Somerset Children’s Parliament/Youth Speaks/Poetry Slam
  • Author/Poet visit – small focus group for talented writers
  • English competitions eg. BBC 500 Words / SLN Poetry Competition / SLN Ten Word Tales
  • Referee opportunities across sport tournaments and matches
  • Chosen to represent the school within sporting events
  • Open-ended creative challenges within the Arts eg. Book of the Month challenge
  • Main/solo parts within school productions
  • Art outcomes displayed in Local Galleries
  • STEM club / opportunity to compete in Somerscience Festival
  • Science Week – small focus group for talented scientists
  • Aeronautics Leonardo project

We also work with our secondary feeder school and utilise their expertise when they offer enrichment activities.